Me showing off my birthday giftsCheryl Harrison posted an article on her site, Being Cheryl, titled “25 before 25” where she had put a list of to accomplish before her 25th birthday. Since I am spending so much time evaluating my and making changes, I thought this would be a great way to set some goals and see where I end up at the end of the year. This list will most certainly evolve throughout the year, but I am looking forward to seeing how many of my goals I can hit.

  1. Run in at least 5 states – Ohio, Texas, Florida, West Virginia, and Maryland (along the border)
  2. Run my first Marathon – Marathon, October 20th
  3. Run my first Ultra Marathon – Playing Possum 50k, May 17th, 2014
  4. Run a sub-2 hour half marathon – Half
  5. Run a sub-4:20
  6. Run a 1,000 Miles
  7. Run a race in a different state – Ragnar Relay, West Virginia
  8. Complete a 50 mile bike ride
  9. Complete a 3km Swim
  10. Maintain average weight of 185 pounds for the year
  11. Maintain under 20% body fat
  12. Book my Walt
  13. Get a Sports GPS Watch – TomTom Multi-Sport GPS
  14. Run in a new area park – Honda Wetlands, Glacier Ridge, Trabue Nature Preserve, Murphy Park
  15. Visit a new park
  16. Fly an airplane
  17. Attend a Notre Dame Football game – Notre Dame vs. Navy (38-34)
  18. Go “real” tent camping. Rough it for a few days.
  19. Get a road bike
  20. Buy a kayak
  21. Read 5 books – Rite of Passage, Wizard of Oz, 1984, There’s More Than one Way to get to Cleveland, Divergent
  22. Watch 5 classic movies – Song of the South, The Ten Commandments
  23. Advance my career – Promoted to Senior Engineer at Cardinal Health
  24. Cut Credit Card Debt in half
  25. Replace back patio door
  26. Refurbish garage door
  27. Update house entry
  28. Remodel Master Bedroom
  29. Get a new bed
  30. Get new bedroom furniture
  31. Visit the Atlantic Ocean
  32. Visit World!
  33. Setup a new personal website/blog