Better late than never. Finally have my goals for the year. As always, they center around running, biking, and swimming as well as some travel. I’m excited for some of the I already have planned and some that I get to plan. Lots to do and only 365 days to get it all done!

And now, for my 37 [goals] before [I am] 37 [years old]!

  1. Plan to run a full IRONMAN in 2018IRONMAN Louisville, Kentucky 2018
  2. Complete a Tough Mudder – Pittsburgh (September 9th)
  3. Complete an Olympic Duathlon – MingoMan (June 25th)
  4. Complete an Olympic Triathlon – OSU Ross TriFit Challenge
  5. Complete a Half Triathlon – Deer Creek Fall Challenge (Garmin Connect Stats)
  6. >Run an ultra-marathon – Playin’ Possum 50k
  7. Run in 2 marathons – ✓Disney World, ✓Cincinnati Flying Pig
  8. Run a RunDisney Race Challenge – 2018 Dopey Challenge
  9. Run a sub-4 hour marathon – 3:45:11 at the Disney World Marathon (Strava Stats)
  10. Run at least 3 half marathons – ✓The Original Columbus Half Marathon, ✓Columbus Half Marathon, ✓Disney World Half
  11. [Really] Run a sub-1:45 half marathon – 1:44:09 at the Hearth Mini Half Marathon (Strava Stats)
  12. Run in at least 3 – sub-10k races – ✓First on the First 5k, ✓Disney World 5k, ✓Flying Pig 5k
  13. Run a race in a new state
  14. Run races in at least 3 states, other than Ohio – ✓Michigan, ✓Florida, ✓Pennsylvania
  15. Run in a new Columbus area park – Finally ran at Sharron Woods Metropark on September 8th
  16. Run at least 1,200 Miles
  17. Run a 50k Pub Run with some Possums – May 14th #30for30 run for Jonathan’s Birthday
  18. Bike at least 1,500 Miles
  19. Bike from Columbus, Ohio to Toledo, Ohio – July 8, 2017 Strava Stats
  20. Bike from Toledo, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio – September 4, 2017 Strava Stats
  21. Ride 180 miles in Pelotonia
  22. Raise $2500 for Pelotonia
  23. Buy a new triathlon bike
  24. Swim at least 60,000 yards
  25. Attend a Detroit Tigers game – August 19th with Rylie (vs. Dodgers), September 17th with Terri (vs. White Sox)
  26. Attend a Detroit Red Wings game at the new Little Caesars Arena – December 29th with Rylie (vs. New York Rangers)
  27. Attend a Notre Dame game – October 28th, vs. NC State
  28. Attend 3 concerts – Metallica, Dave Matthews Band
  29. Visit 25 new landmarks and snag a picture of the historical marker sign
  30. Visit the Atlantic Ocean – Myrtle Beach, May 2018
  31. Visit Disney World 3 times – ✓July, ✓November, ✓January
  32. Visit and Explore 2 new cities
  33. Get a new vehicle
  34. Order new patio door
  35. Finish updates to back patio
  36. Paint house foundation
  37. Progress career with a new role – Transitioning to Digital Marketing Solution Architect role, July 2017 and into another role as Technical Lead of Ecommerce Product and Experience Engineering team in June 2018