My last post here was over two and a half years ago… writing [and more importantly, actually publishing] a blog entry is long overdue. I had 12 different article drafts that I had started over the last two years. Today, I trashed them as the content was outdated and not currently relevant enough to finish.

I spent the last half of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 over worked, stressed out, burned out, and not sure I wanted to continue in a technical career path. My brain certainly was not in a good place. Turned 30 last June. It didn’t really hit me right away. I think when my wife hit 30 and started complaining about it is when it started to bother me a little. Definitely started to realize that I was changing a bit, both physically and mentally. Needed a reset. Big time. Humans certainly don’t get any younger and we only get one shot at this thing.

Last August, I took a new job with Cardinal Health in the Enterprise Architecture Labs team. It was definitely a culture shock from agency and the work I was doing with Resource Interactive. It took me nearly 4 months to relax and reset. I was given a new opportunity to slow down enough that I could think through this life reset. I realized pretty quickly that it didn’t have to be dramatic, just needed some refinements and priority changes.

That’s all in the past now. It’s 2012, baby! 2012 is less about creating new and more about perfecting the I already have. Its time for results. So here’s what’s on my plate 2012:

  • I need to be physically fit. A decade of abuse on my body needs to stop. When I am 40, I don’t want to look down at an irreversible beer belly. Not going to make a “I will go to the 5 days a week for a year” type commitment. I will change my lifestyle so that I can commit to a better physical me in 2012 and beyond through diet, exerciseand a dramatic reduction in excessive beer.
  • I need to be a better father. I don’t think I am falling down here, but as my daughter gets older I must guarantee that we have a strong relationship for the of our lives. I need to be available to teach her right from wrong. I need to help her to learn to be a good adult and member of society. I need to let her make her own mistakes and push her to learn from other’s experiences. Most importantly, she needs to feel as though she is my baby, for the rest of her life. I vow to make every Christmas, birthday and event special and to make her embrace her childhood every chance I have. Success will be when she is a strong, independent women with zero “daddy issues”.
  • I need to be a better husband. I need to be available for my wife. I need to open up the communication and push her to do the same. I need to support her and her decisions. I need to let her do things her own way and not treat her like a child.
  • I need to be a stronger person. I will demand respect from those around me. Not through force, by example. I will work hard at my job and in my career, improve my skills, and will work hard with my family. I will be a leader. I will stand up for my team. I will learn new skills. I will learn from those around me. I will do what is right and I will not be afraid to push you to do the same. I will not be a push over and I will stand up for my rights.
  • I need to worry about me [and my family] first. Spent a lot of time worrying about everyone else and what everyone else thought in the past. I will not bite my lip. I will not shut up about things that are important. I will speak the truth when others will not. I will not ignore the elephant in the room.

I’ve decided to revive this blog as an outlet for me to discuss these goals. I’m going to write about a ton of things. Some may be informative. Some may be about technology. Some may be just me speaking my mind. Most may be incoherent babbling. There will be gramatical errors and I will not be afraid to be technically or politically incorrect.

If you are still reading this, wow 🙂 In that case be sure to leave a comment and subscribe to my RSS feed.

Happy 2012 to all!