Josh and Stuart after finishing the 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 OhioYesterday was amazing. I trained hard over the last few months (well, really for the last few years). It has been an incredible journey. I finished my first IRONMAN 70.3 in 5:53:05, coming in about 7 minutes under my goal time. I really couldn’t be happier for my first IRONMAN event and only my second triathlon. I was very excited to complete my first IRONMAN event, right here at home in Ohio.

The swim was a bit brutal – was kicked and run into multiple times in a sea of hundreds of people. My goggles fogged up so bad I couldn’t see at all and I panicked a bit. Was able to stop at a raft and fix that issue, but it set me back a few minutes. Waves were a bit choppy on the way back to shore, making it hard to breathe. After 1.2 miles and 43 minutes later I was out of the water and heading toward the bike.

On the bike (happy that i survived the swim), I was feeling very good and comfortable. My bike was rolling well, so I opened it up a bit. May have pushed it a little hard at a 20-22mph pace, despite Brian’s advice. Toward the end I forced myself to slow down to conserve energy for the run. Finished the 56 mile ride in 2:48.

The run was a tough one – the sun came out and it got a little warm. I expected a rougher run as I concentrated my on and biking. And I may have pushed it a little hard on the bike. Completed the 13.1 mile run in 2:10. I really can’t complain with that after decent swim and bike legs.

Today I am sore and sunburned, but very happy. The course was beautiful and had great crowd support. I can’t wait to do my next IRONMAN triathlon. Now on to training – The Chicago Marathon is only 48 days away!

Gratitude – it’s important.
I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for my amazing and most supportive wife, Terri, who picked up a lot of slack at home while I trained almost every day for the last 3 months. Thank you. I love you very much!

To my beautiful daughter, Zoe, who put up with me and my craziness, constantly asking her to run with me, and dealing with my extreme irritability when I cut caffeine and coffee out of my diet. I am very proud of you!

My folks – Kathy and Melvin – who made the drive down to watch me run this event. It really made my day. They gave us a bracelet to share with someone who made our day awesome, and I gave this bracelet to my Mom. Thank you!

And then there’s Brian. This poor SOB drives all the way up to Wisconsin with his family to do his first half IRONMAN and it gets cut short. I was crushed for you. I don’t know anyone more dedicated to and bettering himself. You are an inspiration to me. I was diligent to my training plan, following your lead. Thanks for being my friend and for continuing to push me.

Stuart. Ehh, fuck. You crack me up. Only you. You struggled with time to train, had to work a ton of mandatory overtime through critical weekends, sliced your foot open on some rocks (non-training injury), and then got the ‘Coli after an open water swim a couple of weeks before the race. Probably spent more time on Facebook than you did training. Still you pushed through and completed your first IRONMAN 70.3. I don’t know how you do it, but you get it done. Congratulations! Great work my friend!

To everyone who deals with my rambling on about or races. My irritability from diet changes and stress. To Team Possum for their incredible support. All the volunteers and the city of Delaware for hosting such an awesome event. Thank you. Thank you all!

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