August 25th, 2013
Emerald City Half Marathon – Dublin,
13.1 Miles, 1:57:25, Avg Pace: 8:58
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Emerald City Half Marathon 2013 Medal and BibOn Sunday, I ran my 2nd half in Dublin, at the Half Marathon. It was a fantastic event. My for the race were set well before I even registered for the race: run my 2nd half in under 2 hours. This goal was set after finishing the Cap City Half Marathon in 2:08:00. I felt that had I not faltered in the last 3 miles of the Cap City, I could have finished much closer to 2 hours. But this race was a much bigger deal. Not specifically for me or my goals, but for my wife who was running her first half marathon.

Emerald City Half Marathon 2013 MapThis was a fantastic event overall, with a very beautiful course. The route took runners through the northwest side of Dublin and went through some beautiful neighborhoods as well as looping through Glacier Ridge Metro Park and through the Honda Wetlands.

My preparation for was a little more refined than that of the prep for the Scioto Mile(s) 10 Miler. I picked up the carbs over the last few weeks and stopped weight loss dieting earlier. Alcohol intake was kept to a bare minimum. My is really in preparation for the Columbus Marathon, so I am already up to 15 miles on my long run. The week before this race, I took on the hills for 13 miles at Highbanks Metro Park. It was a great way to prep for the race.

Overall my run was great. I kept a very steady 9 minute per mile pace with no stops. My head was definitely in the game for the majority of the run. Had a lot of inspiration from the feedback on my previous post, From The Couch to Outside, my story on how and why I started running. I was overwhelmed with instant messages, comments, and likes on that article. It was really moving. I thought a lot about that post on my run. My brain was also fixed on my wife’s run. I was really hoping the best for her. Hoping she was going to meet her and finish strong.

I kept my water station stops to a minimum, only picking up water three times and Gatorade once. They were handing out packets of Gu at mile 6. I held on to mine until about halfway through mile 8 and tried to suck it down there. It was my first experience with the stuff. Although I can’t say it was great and nearly threw it up, I ended up choking it down and will credit it for the boost I needed at the end of the run.

There were a couple of weak points where I had to talk myself out of slowing down for a break, but some high-fiving kids at mile 5 and a funny looking, kilted man with a mohawk at mile 11 (Stuart), picked me back up and helped me keep moving. Seeing Stuart and Kerri at the 11 mile mark on Hyland-Croy Rd. really excited me and gave me a great boost. Really appreciated Stuart’s company for a half mile. It really reset my run. Otherwise I would have surely stopped for a break and would have possibly ruined my chances at finishing under 2 hours.

Crossing the finish line was a great feeling, especially knowing that I came in under my goal. But all I could think about was watching my wife cross the finish line. I was so excited for Terri. I hurried back to my truck to get my phone so that I could take pictures and waited, tracking her on our family tracking app. I was anxiously waiting for her. Tory went back out to try and track her down. I was so excited to see Kerri, Stuart, and Tory running Terri in to the final stretch. Stuart quickly took my phone to take pictures and relieve me so that I could run Terri through the finish line. It was fantastic!

Crossing the finish line with my wife, Terri ZeiglerI was very nervous because Terri did not meet her set goal of 2:40:00. So I wasn’t sure how she was going to feel. But she was ecstatic and very proud to have finished! It was a fantastic day and I was very proud to get to share it with my wife and some great friends.

And the continues. Taking a few cheat days off, then back at it for the Columbus Marathon!