When I first started writing this blog post a little over a day ago, it was titled “Missing Emotion: Pre- Nothingness.” I was so overwhelmed with stress from work and through my taper, I barely had a chance to think about my first marathon. I am a little mad as I feel cheated over missing the excitement leading up to this event, but I am happy that anxiety hasn’t hit me like a ton of bricks yet.

Just over two weeks ago, I was eager to start my taper. I had hit 22 miles in my and the next few weeks looked perfect for relaxing. I was planning for a couple of weeks with minimal training, a healthy diet, and no beers… The minimal training was about all I was successful with. Work load threw off my diet and I introduced a lot more beers than I wanted to. Yard work turned out to be a heavy leg workout and created 4 solid days of soreness.

Taper was rough for me. I can’t say I liked it much. In September I logged 145 miles and I am only at 45 for October. It is clear to me now that is what kept me as level headed as I was through my crazy project at work. Running kept me from drowning my stress in beers and pointless television shows. It gave me clarity and focus. But sadly stress took over through the taper and overshadowed my thoughts of the marathon.

Columbus Marathon 2013 Shirts and BibsThat all changed yesterday. I got a good night of sleep, woke up clear headed, and thought to myself… “Ohh shit. I am about to run a in 2 days!” It got real. Very real, very quickly. My brain has been racing ever since. I probably ran my mouth twice as much as normal yesterday. It wore me out and I passed out early from exhaustion and carb overload last night.

Thankfully, I haven’t gone crazy. Anxiety is still minimal and overall I am very excited. But so far, so good. Finished up a 2 mile final run this morning and picked up my packet at the Expo. I’m almost ready to go. Last on the list? Pre-race pizza, of course!

I’m looking forward to scratching a few things off my “33 Before 33” list tomorrow and updating the title of my blog. I am even a little geeked out to sport a new magnet on my truck. This is going to kick ass!