After running the last October, I immediately went on a vacation from my healthy lifestyle. What was supposed to be a 2 week “break” turned into a full reversal into my old habits that lasted over 2 months. Working a lot of hours and stress led me back to drinking beer regularly and eating poorly. I gained 12 pounds back and lost obvious muscle mass. Might even have been struggling with a bit of depression.

Early in 2013, I had already created a solid plan for events this year – an Ultra Marathon, a Sprint Triathlon, and preparing for the at the Walt World Marathon. I have really struggled with the decisions of whether or not to take on these challenges. My athletic ambitions hit a very low point. I had nearly decided to cancel these and started convincing myself that completing a was enough.

Although my ambition to run had not returned, I fought with myself and eventually signed up for the Toledo on April 27th and for the Playing Possum at Delaware State Park 3 weeks later. My hope was signing up would get me excited about working out and running again. At first, I was pumped and returned to training.

Between this bitter cold winter and being pulled into back-to-back 55+ hour work weeks, I stopped working out again and quickly returned to daily beer drinking and a poor diet. But enough was enough – I have been feeling like garbage and have grown increasingly depressed. Realizing that a big portion of my problem was caused by the roller coaster that has become my lack of work/life balance, I had a meeting with my management team to let them know that I couldn’t work like this anymore. I drastically cut my hours down last week and offloaded some work to another member of my team.

Last week, the school night drinking ended and I am making changes to improve my diet. I finally returned to the for the first time in 2 weeks and completed a 6 miler on the dreadmill. I really cannot wait for this weather to break a bit so I can can comfortably get outside more.

I have 11 weeks to train for the and then only 14 weeks until my first ultra-marathon. My peak run was slow and capped at just under 8 miles. I was supposed to be at 13 miles by this weekend. I have a lot of work to do…