HTPCI built my first HTPC almost 10 years ago with old spare computer parts and hooked it up to a Samsung 27 inch SD TV. It all started with an AMD K6/2 processor, a Diamond TNT graphics card and a SoundBlaster AWE64 sound card on a DFI motherboard with a maxed-out 512MB of PC100 SDRAM. For the time, not a shabby start for a dedicated music and movie player.

The first front-end I used for the HTPC was myHTPC software (which eventually became Meedio and then sold-out to Yahoo!). Later, I used Freevo and MythTV. After the introduction of the PVR capabilities, I went back to Windows for better support and a richer selection of available software.

Over the years, my HTPC has evolved and been consistently upgraded. It now pulls double-duty as a home server and theater system. My HTPC currently runs Windows Vista with Media Center as the primary front-end. I am testing Boxee and am working on a solution for seemless experience.

My HTPC Hardware Overview:

In the near future, I hope to upgrade to two, mirrored 1TB SATA Hard Disk Drives. I’m also excited for Windows 7 to be released! I will likely upgrade right away. Although I haven’t had too many issues while Vista on this hardware, I am excited for the increase and updated Media Center.
My Home Theater PCHTPC