Jaybird Freedom 3 Bluetooth HeadphonesWhen my Motorola S9 wireless headset broke after a few workouts, I started my search for a set of versatile wireless headphones that could be used at the gym, biking, running, doing yard work, and at the office. I found the Jaybird Freedom 3 wireless earbuds ($99.00 on Amazon.com). At first I was reluctant to drop $99 on a headset, but after reading some reviews and a receiving a few recommendations I decided to give them a try.

Unfortunately, the first set of headphones wouldn’t hold a charge for more than 30 minutes of use and had to be returned to the store. In the short time I was able to use them, they impressed me and I decided to exchange them for another set. The new pair worked perfectly and held a charge for over 6 hours of straight music play. My phone’s battery usually dies before the headphones do. The headphones charge fairly quickly, around an hour or 2 on a low-powered USB port for a full charge.

Like most high-end earbuds, the JF3’s came with 3 different sizes of soft plastic eartips, a premium hard storage case, usb cable for charging, and documentation. These headphones also come with 3 secure fit ear cushions to better hold the buds in your ear. However, I have never seen a need to use the cushions while or any other activity as they stay very stable on my ears.

The headset sounds great. Solid bass and crisp treble. Their audio quality is solid at the highest volume. Some reviews mentioned that these earbuds aren’t loud enough, but they have been plenty loud enough for me and can be heard perfectly over a loud lawn mower without issue.

The biggest downfall is that they have a proprietary jack for charging and comes with a short, foot long cable. This can make charging a bit of a challenge. It would be nice if they came with a wall jack to charge from as well. Also, I have also had trouble with the strap pulling from my neck while working out or running. This can get annoying after for a while and adjusting periodically. The plastic coating has started chipping off detachable earhooks from sweat and rubbing on my ear. Fortunately for most of these issues, you can order replacement parts and accessories online.

Overall, the earbuds are fantastic. Great fit, good stability, and audio quality make them a perfect match for my needs. With a little extra investment, parts and accessories can overcome most of the issues I have had with the earbuds. I highly recommend these headphones for just about anyone.