I learned over 12 years ago and revitalized my skills in the dawn of the frameworks. I learned through necessity, when I had a project that required me to use it. The process of trial and error and applying what I already knew to make it work. Later, I was fortunate enough to have a single professor who made it all come together for me and confirmed what I thought I knew.

This week I have been tasked to “teach old dogs new tricks.” Basically, I need to take developers from other disciplines and put together or provide materials for them to learn how to develop client-side applications using and the Dojo Toolkit. I need to sum up what I learned over the span of a decade.

I’ve always believed that the best way to learn is time and practical experience. Seems I have neither of these things to work with here!

How did you learn JavaScript? What resources did you find the most helpful? Did you come from another discipline or primary skillset?